Are you looking for
a Project Manager,
a Product Owner or an Agile Coach to reinforce your team ?

Our consultants join your teams for a 3 to 24 months journey to bring their expertise, their methodologies and their convictions to help you building efficient teams.

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Our Expertise

Our consultants are mentored by our founders, who share their day to day challenges as they are working hand by hand with them on the clients' projects.

Product Owners / Product Managers

Our PO & PM are in charge of building the right product for our clients: the product that matches what the market and your users need.
Some tools / methodologies used: Design Thinking, Lean Canvas, Jobs to be done, MoSCoW method

Project Managers

Our Project Managers lead the delivery of your projects from the framing to the validation phase.

Agile Coaching

Our Agile Coaches make sure to help the technical teams build the product right by organizing the sprints and animating the agile ceremonies.
Some tools / methodologies used: Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban

Top Management Consulting

Our founders support both Top managers in large corporations and C-Level in start-ups / scale-ups on their Product and Tech organizational and strategic challenges.
Creative team

Meet the Management Team

Graduated from top tier business and engineering schools, we bring our experience and convictions to the development of our projects & products and to to the fulfillment & professional progression of our consultants.

François Morane


Areas of expertise: Insurance, Energy, Transportation, Oil & Chemicals, Life science

Large corporations, Scale-ups, Start-ups

Claire Servant


Areas of expertise: Data, E-commerce, Retail, Banking, Insurance

Large corporations, Scale-ups (Next 40)

Benoît Morane


Areas of expertise: Public sector, Transportation, Construction

Scale-ups, Start-ups, Administrations

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